9:33 - October 10, 2017
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – Iran’s Amir Laal Avval who came first in Russia’s international Quran competition earlier this week underlined the high level of the contest.

Iranian Qari Stressed High Level of Russia Int’l Quran Contest

Speaking to IQNA at the Imam Khomeini International Airport upon his return to Iran, Laal Avval said many of the contenders had already won titles in other international contests.

There were very good Qaris and Quran experts present in the international Quranic event this year, he said.

He also praised the good work of the competition’s panel of judges.

Asked about the regulations of the contest, Laal Avval said that while in Iran, Quranic contests’ regulations pay so much attention to details such as Swat, Lahn and Tajweed, in the Russian contest the judges score the participants based on a general overview of their recitation.

Laal Avval won the 18th edition of the Moscow international Quran contest and was awarded at the closing ceremony on Monday morning.

Representative of Egypt was the runner-up while the Libyan and Bahraini Qaris came third and fourth, respectively.

As many as 40 Quran reciters from different countries took part in the 2017 edition of the contest.

Seyed Javad Sadat Fatemi, a senior Iranian Quran expert who accompanied Laal Avval in the contest as a guide, also spoke to IQNA at the airport, stressing that the competition was held at a very good level in terms of organization and the contenders.

Iranian Qari Stressed High Level of Russia Int’l Quran Contest

He praised Laal Avval for his good performance at the contest, saying he performed his recitation with good mastery and self-confidence and managed to bag the top prize.

Elsewhere, Sadat Fatemi highlighted the enthusiastic presence of people at the Grand Mosque of Moscow that hosted the contest and how well they received the recitations.

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