Islamophobic Offenses in Germany Doubled in 2023: Report
IQNA – Reports on Monday revealed a significant increase in Islamophobic crimes in Germany, with the number more than doubling in 2023.
15:52 , 2024 Apr 15
Granddaughter of Hamas Chief Succumbs to Injuries Incurred in Israeli Attack
IQNA – Malak Mohammed Haniyeh, granddaughter of the head of the political bureau of Hamas Ismail Haniyeh, has succumbed to injuries that she sustained in an Israeli strike.
14:23 , 2024 Apr 15
Museum Depicting Life of Prophet Muhammad to Be Built in Pakistan
IQNA – The foundations stone for a museum that aims to depict the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was laid in Pakistan.
12:06 , 2024 Apr 15
US Muslim Advocacy Group Raps Israeli Crimes in Gaza, West Bank  
IQNA – The US’ largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization denounced the Israeli regime’s attack on Palestinian families – mostly women and children – seeking to return to their homes in devastated North Gaza.
12:04 , 2024 Apr 15
South Africa Muslims Urged to Participate More Actively in Politics   
IQNA – The president of South Africa called on the country’s Muslim community to play a more active role in politics.
18:16 , 2024 Apr 14
Greek Ex-Minister Banned from Speaking in Germany amid Berlin’s Crackdown on Palestine Supporters
IQNA – Greece’s former finance minister was banned from speaking in Germany over his pro-Palestine stances.
16:56 , 2024 Apr 14
Nearly 3,000 Massacres Carried Out by Israel in Gaza in 6 Months: Report
IQNA – The Israeli regime’s military has been committing an average of 16 massacres daily in the Gaza Strip for the past six months.
13:47 , 2024 Apr 14
Chechnya to Restore Mosque in Donetsk   
IQNA – The Akhmat Kadyrov Foundation of Chechnya plans to restore the only mosque in Donetsk, an official said.
23:06 , 2024 Apr 13
Los Angeles: Rights Group Slams Suppression of Pro-Palestine Protests on Campus
IQNA – A Muslim American rights group has condemned Pomona College’s suppression of Pro-Palestine rallies on the campus, calling for protection of First Amendment rights.
19:06 , 2024 Apr 13
San Francisco Mosque Vandalism: Interfaith Leaders Turn Out to Show Solidarity with Muslims
IQNA – Interfaith leaders in San Francisco turned out to show solidarity with the Muslim community Friday afternoon, days after a man smashed the windows of a Nob Hill mosque and harassed members.
18:10 , 2024 Apr 13
Lack of Safe Water Leads to Spread of Waterborne Diseases in Gaza: UN 
IQNA – A UN official warned of the spread of waterborne diseases in the Gaza Strip amid the Israeli regime’s genocidal war and blockade of the Palestinian enclave.
15:34 , 2024 Apr 13
Norway Hands Over Quran Blasphemer to Sweden: Report
IQNA – Norway rejected an asylum application by Salwan Momika, an Iraqi refugee who desecrated the Holy Quran several times in Sweden in the past months.
12:51 , 2024 Apr 13