Morocco Ramadan Exhibit: A Microscopic Quran and the Art of Calligraphy

IQNA – An exhibition was held in Safi, Morocco, during the fasting month of Ramadan with the aim of tracking the journey of writing the Quran through various stages in history.
Photo Exhibition in Cairo to Feature Russian Muslims’ Customs
IQNA – An exhibition of photos featuring the customs of Muslims in Russia is planned to be mounted in Cairo, the capital of Egypt.     
19:06 , 2024 Apr 16
Scholar Explores Quranic Perspective on the Right to Self-Defense
IQNA – An Islamic scholar points to some Quranic verses that stress the right to self-defense as well as the fight against aggressors.
11:08 , 2024 Apr 15
Lebanese Christian Thinker Says He Got More Interested in Christianity after Reading Quran
IQNA – Michel Salim Kaadi, a Lebanese Christian thinker and literary figure, says he got more interested in Christianity after reading the Holy Quran.
22:28 , 2024 Apr 14
African Pilgrim Donates Quran in Maghrebi Script to Imam Reza Shrine
IQNA – A Nigerian pilgrim and student has gifted a handwritten copy of the Holy Quran in Maghrebi script to the Central Library of Imam Reza (AS) shrine.
10:41 , 2024 Apr 13
Storytelling Key Artistic Medium for Spreading Quranic Teachings: Researcher
IQNA – A Bissau-Guinean researcher says storytelling has been used in the Quran and can effectively spread Islamic teachings.
09:26 , 2024 Apr 13
Karbala Al-Kafeel Museum Sees Surge in Visitors During Eid Holidays
IQNA – The Al-Kafeel Museum, located inside the shrine of Hazrat Abbas (AS) in Karbala, is seeing an uptick in visitors during the Eid al-Fitr holidays.
15:10 , 2024 Apr 12
First Quran Translation into Dusun Language Unveiled in Malaysia
IQNA – The first translation of the Holy Quran into the Dusun language was unveiled in a ceremony on Sunday in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.
21:13 , 2024 Mar 31
Qurans, Islamic Manuscripts on Display at Cairo Museum
IQNA – The Gayer-Anderson Museum in Egypt’s capital of Cairo has mounted an exhibition featuring a number of old Islamic manuscript copies.
15:58 , 2024 Apr 09
‘Imam Ali and Quran’ Forum Held in Najaf  
IQNA – A forum titled “Imam Ali (AS) and the Holy Quran” was organized at the holy shrine of the first Shia Imam (AS) in Najaf, Iraq.
12:30 , 2024 Apr 08
Quran Revealed in A Comprehensive Language: Kuwaiti Scholar
IQNA – The Holy Quran was revealed in Arabic as it is a comprehensive language and the most capable to convey the divine meanings and concepts.
21:30 , 2024 Apr 02
Imam Ali Pioneer in Islamic Calligraphy, Researcher Says
IQNA – An Iraqi researcher and calligrapher says Imam Ali (AS) was the pioneer in the art of calligraphy in the Islamic world.
15:40 , 2024 Mar 26
Official Stresses Quran’s Pivotal Role in ICRO’s Activities
IQNA – The head of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization said the Quran plays a pivotal role in the organization’s activities.
16:22 , 2024 Mar 10