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UN Warns of Catastrophic Food Insecurity, Famine in Gaza amid Israeli War

IQNA – People in the Gaza Strip are experiencing catastrophic levels of food insecurity, the United Nations warned.
Islamophobia in UK: Most Tory MPs View Islam A Threat to British Way of Life
IQNA – Results of a new poll in the UK shows that most of the members of the Conservative Party consider Islam a threat to the British way of life.
10:44 , 2024 Feb 29
Poland Gifted 3,700 Copies of Quran
IQNA – The Mufti of Poland received 3,700 copies of the Holy Quran gifted to the European country by Saudi Arabia.  
13:48 , 2024 Feb 28
Tory MP Apologizes for Muslim ‘No-Go’ Zones Comment
IQNA – Amid growing concerns about Islamophobia in the UK, a Conservative lawmaker apologized after claiming that Muslim “no-go” zones exist in major British cities.
12:15 , 2024 Feb 28
Egyptian FM Underlines Unacceptability of Quran Desecration
IQNA – Egypt’s foreign minister criticized the growing trend of Islamophobia in the world and stressed that desecration of Islam’s Holy Book is totally unacceptable.
11:33 , 2024 Feb 28
London: Muslim Women Hit by Car Urge Police to Probe Hate Crime
IQNA – Two Muslim women who were run over by a car in east London are demanding justice and calling for the incident to be investigated as a hate crime.
09:50 , 2024 Feb 27
Man Sentenced to Jail in Russia for Desecrating Quran
IQNA – A young man received a 3.5-year jail term in Russia for desecrating a copy of the Holy Quran.
08:25 , 2024 Feb 28
Australia: Victorian Muslims Snub Premier’s Iftar over Gaza Stance
IQNA – The Victorian premier’s annual Iftar dinner, scheduled for next month, faces a boycott from more than 70 Muslim and Islamic groups who are unhappy with the Labor Party’s response to the Israeli war on Gaza.
18:11 , 2024 Feb 27
Int’l Humanitarian Law under Threat with Israeli Killing of Gaza Civilians: UN Chief
IQNA – The secretary general of the United Nations deplored the Israeli regime’s killing of civilians in the Gaza Strip, saying it threatens international humanitarian law.
13:18 , 2024 Feb 27
‘Muslim Lobby Day’ Meeting Held in Maryland’s Annapolis  
IQNA – Muslim Americans held a meeting in Annapolis, US state of Maryland, Monday night to discuss sharing with lawmakers what they want to see.
12:54 , 2024 Feb 27
Daud Kim, K-Pop Star and Muslim Convert, Visits Iran for Quranic Show
IQNA – Daud Kim, a famous South Korean pop singer and YouTuber, has travelled to Iran to participate in a Quranic show that will air during the holy month of Ramadan.
17:02 , 2024 Feb 26
Israel Must Fully Comply with Measures Ordered by ICJ on Gaza: Brazil
IQNA – Brazil reiterated the need for the Israeli regime to fully comply with emergency measures ordered by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) last month regarding the situation in the Gaza Strip.
09:09 , 2024 Feb 27
Burkina Faso: Dozens Killed as Mosque Comes Under Attack
IQNA – An attack on a mosque in eastern Burkina Faso killed dozens of Muslims on the same day as another deadly attack on Catholics attending mass, local and security sources have told the AFP news agency.
09:07 , 2024 Feb 27